Our founder, David Keen Garges, is no stranger to the art of hard work, dedication, and following dreams. His pursuit of success led him to achieve his Bachelor of Science Degree from the Business Department of San Diego State University.


During the 1970s, David dived deep into skills that would later mold and shape the founding principles of Executive Phone Services. Selling copy machines taught him how to be tenacious. He also learned how immensely valuable the ability to communicate is to businesses from every industry. A copy machine may seem like a routine piece of office equipment to some but it possesses the potential to shut down daily operations within certain businesses.


Continuing to display his vigor and hunger, he continued to embark on a successful career with Executone sales. Over the years, David has logged more than 30 years of office automation and communications experience. The Executive Phone Services you see today was built upon all the first-hand knowledge and experience he’s gained.


David’s success in the industry has carried over into many other aspects of his life as well. Today he likes to wind down with some well-needed and much appreciated family time. When he’s not overseeing the sale and service of the best communication equipment available, David Garges is a loving father and active member of the community. Dave coached soccer, was a scout leader, past President with 20 years in Rotary International. Currently he serves as President of the Union City Lions Club.

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