Our technicians professionally install your system, verifying that it meets your needs. Through impeccable attention to detail, we ensure that every installation adheres to our standard of quality.




Relocation piles an innumerable amount of responsibilities on your plate. Let us alleviate some stress and help you avoid the inconvenience of a move. Appointments are made as soon as the same day.




The slightest malfunction can cripple your business’ communication system. The technicians at Executive Phones are skilled in all aspects of inspection and repair on any size system.




Business needs can change by the day. Our team of professionals will help you assess your current communication systems and offer you an updated solution that better suits your current needs.

Traditional Key Telephone Systems offers all of the necessary features to manage the inbound calling for any small- to mid-sized business. Using this technology, employees in every department can easily keep in contact with one another.

Executive Phone provides easy to operate desk phones with large, crisp displays. It’s simple for your team to navigate basic functions like:

• Shared voice lines
• Intercom

• Call hold
• Caller I.D.

• Call Distribution
• Voicemail

• Auto Attendant
• And many more…

Take advantage of the flexibility of our support systems through IP, digital, or even analog stations. This is the perfect option for businesses looking to host 50-100 users through a single location. Utilizing the best available products, you won’t have to stress over the reliability of your shared voice lines ever again.