Need assistance with your legacy Nortel system? Executive Phone Servicess offers you an affordable alternative to the maintenance and support plans of the manufacturer (Avaya). We specialize in voice, messaging, and contact center platforms that help your business perform better than ever. Our flexible, cost-effective, and proven support solution gives you immediate access to your personal Account Manager and our team of Tier 3 Nortel engineers. As your single point of resolution for your Nortel systems and more, we will navigate through the complexities of dealing with your system so you can focus on what you do best—running your business. If you have an existing maintenance contract and have been considering another option, EPS’s Maintenance and Support solution is the superior alternative for your enterprise.

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Do you maintain CS1000, Meridian One, and the rest of Nortel's systems portfolio?

EPS provides expert maintenance for the entire portfolio of Nortel telephone systems. Regardless of which telephone systems you have, you will receive Tier 3 technical assistance when you need it. Furthermore, we stock all of your system’s critical components, so we can replace them immediately.

Do you maintain voicemail systems and other system adjuncts?

Yes. EPS maintains all voicemail systems and virtually all adjuncts.

Am I required to purchase PASS?

No. In many cases, EPS’s Maintenance and Support services are an alternative to PASS. Ask us how you can maintain maximum system uptime and save substantially on your annual maintenance expenses. If you have Nortel systems that require patches from the OEM, talk to us about how you can combine PASS from the OEM with expert Maintenance and Support from EPS.

While our company plans to migrate to a Unified Communications (UC) solution in the future, until then, we want to keep our Nortel legacy system running ``as is`` for the next few years. Can EPS work with us to implement this plan?

Unlike many OEMs, EPS can keep your legacy system up and running until you are ready to migrate to UC. Our Strategy and Design team will move your company into a tailored UC solution through discovery and analysis, planning, and deploying your technology future at a pace that matches your business needs and your schedule.

Is EPS an Avaya Channel Partner?

EPS operates independently from Avaya and is not an Avaya Channel Partner. Independence from the OEM enables EPS to provide Managed Services irrespective of OEM policies to best serve the needs of our customers.

What is the future of my Nortel system?

The Nortel platform has come to an end; no new Nortel platforms will be developed. However, EPS will continue to provide Maintenance & Support for your Nortel systems as long as you plan to keep them up and running. When you are ready to migrate to a new system after Nortel, our Strategy & Design Team can help you develop a plan that works for you.

I have heard that Avaya's plan is to migrate the Nortel system into the Avaya Aura® architecture. Is this true and how will it affect me?

It is true that Avaya would like to migrate all Nortel systems into the Avaya Aura® architecture. EPS will give you an unbiased recommendation as to which UC platform best fits your unique business requirements. The best platform may be Avaya Aura®—or solutions from Cisco, Microsoft or another OEM.