Don’t be fooled by the PBX’s ease of operation, installing the system can be a tedious task. Executive Phone Services saves you time and energy through quick, efficient installation and programming.




Transferring your business to a new location can taint its ability to operate with effective communication. Let Executive Phone Services handle your PBX relocation.




Larger companies need a PBX system that they can depend on. If your system ever needs repairing, Executive Phone Services will be there with a swift, efficient response.




Has your company expanded? Looking for new ways to make your company’s PBX system even more effective? Consult an Executive Phone Services professional to learn more about your options.

For a solution that’s better suited for medium to large companies, a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) may be the answer you’ve been awaiting. You can easily maintain open communication among employees in various departments while allowing a predetermined number of external lines as well.


A PBX will save you money by reducing the number of lines you host through your supplier. A combination of digital and analog signals make sure that your employees can always communicate both internally and locally.


Your PBX system will include:

  • Multiple phone lines leading back to the PBX
  • Calls serviced by an isolated PBX computer
  • Internal PBX voice lines
  • An available console for a human operator

Employees can quickly and easily navigate internal lines through simple 3 or 4-digit extensions. Ultimately, a PBX can save your business a considerable amount of money on its communication budget.